Luke Valentine is an artifical vampire and a Warrant Officer in the Millennium ranks. He's the elder of the Valentine Brothers as well as the stronger one, at least one who can at least impress the likes of the vampire king, Alucard.


Luke Valentine vs Hellsing Soldiers (OVA only)

Luke Valentine vs Alucard

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

For a vampire, Luke's abilities are believed to be "above the rest." He possesses superhuman speed that he can appear as a flash of light which impressed Alucard. Alucard can abrely see Luke while he's moving as a beam of light. He also has equally extraordinary reflexes, and when combined with his sheer speed, he can easily dodge Alucard's Casull bullets despite Alucard's superhuman accuracy and known gunslinger prowess. He has a degree of markmanship, being able to wound Alucard with his M1 Garand while at a fixed distance away. As a standard for vampires, Luke is assumed to have superhuman strength capable of ripping through and apart human bodies with ease. But his most notable ability compared to the rest of the vampires is his superior regeneration. Unlike other artificals who can't regenerate from vampire-slaying weaponry, Alucard was able to instantly heal from Alucard's Casull bullets which are pure holy silver bullets (described as a silver alloy melted from a cross at a church) shot right at his heart at point blank range and shrug off the effects quickly. In the OVA, he was shot in the head and his speed appears like instant teleportation and he avoid a lot more bullets and they were all bullets from the Jackal. He also wielded a bowie knife in Hellsing Ultimate.

However, despite his superior abilities, he was useless against Alucard in his Level 1 state and cannot regenerate from the Jackal's wounds (however, in the OVA, the Casull was replaced by the Jackal when Alucard shot Luke in the head and when he was firing bullets at him after that in contrast to the manga/original anime).