The Captain is bodyguard to the Major as well as a member of the "Werewolf" force in Millennium. The Captain is a werewolf and is actually the only werewolf in the 'Werewolf" class where the other members are artificial vampires. Although his name is officially unknown, it's known that the Captain was a Nazi, he's well over a century old, and he's a natural werewolf that can shift at will.


The Captain vs Walter Dornez and Alucard (He was actually only fighting Walter until interrupted by Alucard)

The Captain vs Walter Dornez (this second fight wasn't a fight really)

The Captain vs Seras Victoria

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Captain is a werewolf at least 150 years old with physically superhuman abilities which is retained even in human form.

Human Form: The Captain has superhuman strength, strong enough to bend steel bars, kick back thrown missiles, and normally shatter body parts with a single blow. His greatest examplars of strength would be his raw and crushing strength. The Captain is extremely fast and has high reflexes, as observed by Walter Dornez and Seras Victoria. He was able to easily manuever right through Walter's wires being launched at him, move at speeds that he appears as a blur or a flash of light similiar to Luke Valentine, and have great instincts allowing him to read an opponent's next move in battle even without looking at them. The Captain has feats of superior acrobatic prowess like Walter such as being able to catch Walter's wires and avoid them as well as hints of great accuracy such as when he engaged in a gunfight with fully vampirized Seras Victoria on equal grounds.

The Captain is immensely durable in both pain tolerance and resistance to damage. His body is much harder than steel as Walter's wires were not capable of piercing through the Captain's flesh despite the fact that they were sharp enough to slice through solid steel and layers of concrete in skyscraper-level buildings with no difficulty. He's a very tough and resilient fighter with high levels of stamina such as when he fought Seras and he had both of his arms blown off but he just kept right on attacking without a moment's hesittaion and there was no change in his neutral expression at that time even when he was being killed by silver being thrusted into his heart. Even a missile exploding very close to his position was incapable of injuring him, in fact, there was not a single scratch on his body and he was unfazed by it.

The Captain can also instantly shift into a mist-like form which gives him a form of invulnerability or logia intangibility in which he can avoid attacks and damage or reform his body. He's capable of using this ability consecutively. He has a regenerative ability that allows him to heal limbs such as when he regenerated his arm after having it blown away by Alucard and the wounds Walter inflicted on him using his wires.

Werewolf Form: The Captain can transform into a bipedal form in which his body capabilities increase greatly. He's strong enough to shatter concrete flooring with simple leaps and kicks and fast enough to outpace Walter's wires despite his enlarged physique and size and close distances between his opponents. In this form, the Captain retains all of his mentality and is very powerful to be able to fight Alucard and Walter at the same time and keep the battle equal, even forcing Alucard to retreat. He's also able to stomp and render a True Vampire Seras Victoria useless with just one attack.

Final Wolf Form: The Captain can transform into a "true wolf form" in which he becomes a gigantic wolf. His abilities increase greatly again, as his strength outmatches that of Seras in her completed form and she is utterly defenseless against the Captain's attacks while he's in this form. Just one attack is enough to incapicitate her.

However, despite his massive power, he has one weakness and that is his weakness to silver. This is problematic as the majority of characters in Hellsing wield silver. However, the mere fact that the Captain is able to last this long as a werewolf and his great power that only a select few would actually be able to hurt him using silver labels him as a "True Werewolf." Silver is the only thing that can easily pierce through his skin and flesh and should it hit his heart, the Captain will die.