Tubalcain Alhambra otherwise known as the Dandy Man is an artificial vampire and a member of Millennium's "werewolf" force.


Tubalcain Alhambra vs Alucard and Seras

Powers and Abilities

Alhambra has displayed a power variety above other artifical vampires with the exception of Zorin Blitz. As a standard for vampires, he has superhuman strength which is lethal to humans and can throw small projectiles with great intensity. He's also very fast, able to keep up with Alucard and react to his speed. However, since the manga isn't very explicit about this, Tubalcain's speed is just above the average vampire which is still in the supersonic range but nearing hypersonic level. Especially in the OVA, he's able to move at equal footing and run at the same speed as Alucard. He has a regenerative ability which is standard for vampires though to some observations, his regeneration is above all other artificial vampires and near Alucard's level of regenerating such as when he reformed himself out of cards but this is unlikely. He has great reflexes, being able to dodge Alucard's Casull and Jackal bullets as well as Seras Victoria's bullets and Harkonnen shell.

Alhambra's Cards:

Alhambra's primary ability in combat is his enchanted cards. These cards seem to be infinite or duplicated in some way because in the manga, they likely number in the hundreds. Alhambra can control these cards telekinetically and launch them at high speed to set off explosions. These explosions can blow up helicopters. They're also extremely sharp, being able to slice through helicopter armor and cut police cars in half. The explosive and cutting power is lethal to humans. They also have a regenneration negation ability, as when they hit Alucard, he was unable to regenerate because of the damage he dealt, something he stated himself. They're very dense, as they can repel bullets as well as cut through depleted uranium shells being fired like missiles right at them without being damaged in any way.

However, despite his great power, Tubalcain fell against Alucard in his Level 1 State when his cards can no longer damage his regeneration.